Body of Work


Gentle Light (2017)

A time-lapse music video about the discomfort of feeling lost.

The song was inspired by Dark Night of the Soul by St. John of the Cross and features footage by new media designer, Marc Secher and producer-writer Carol Ann Wright. It is a song on Kateri’s upcoming album “Songs for Inside Times”.

”I don’t know what to do.
Where am I going to?
But I believe love sees in the dark.”

Songs for Inside Times (in production)

a multi-genre concept album about rediscovering faith.

”I always wondered how it was that the second largest denomination of Catholics are ex-Catholics. My work tends to focus on my relationship with God and the way that being raised in religion has affected how I interact with the world. Drawing inspiration from Catholicism, Jungian psychology, conversations with people (religious and non-religious), and personal reflection, I process these experiences through storytelling and song. Ultimately, I want people to know that we were loved before we knew ourselves.”

Ultraviolet Garden (2015)

The first leg of her artistic journey, Ultraviolet Garden, is Kateri’s debut EP that pulls from influences like Fiona Apple and Ben Folds. Her music is not for the passive ear but rather commands attention that is best experienced in intimate settings.