My name is Kateri.
It rhymes with battery,
And I'm a teaching artist.


The earth is my current home. I reside in Los Angeles, CA.

I'm passionate about empowering others through music.

As a piano accompanist, keyboardist, and music educator for 10+ years, I value arts education, philanthropy, and spirituality.

I used to be a project coordinator for a stellar event company, producer & manager for a spoken word artist, tour manager for a jazz band and production assistant at electronic dance music & hip hop festivals. I was an art school nerd, and in college, I built modular synthesizers and wrote for the lifestyle magazine for people with no life...

In 2011, an experience of metanoia changed my life outlook.

I was depressed, directionless, and I started to pray.  I express these experiences through my music. I also sought opportunities to use music as a way to lift people up. In 2012, I launched a concert series in LA County juvenile halls with poets and hip hop artists to spread the message of hope and change. A year later, I developed and led a children's choir at an orphanage in manila.

Now I'm looking for ways to use music to serve my local community and meet others that do too.

I have an arsenal of tunes about my journey so far. You can hear some of my music on this page! I also have a couple videos out.
I'm available for music directing & piano accompaniment, music lessonsevent consultations, and conversation.

Wanna stay in touch?